PROJECTS - Group fun

GroupFun was an existing music recommender system for Facebook groups, my role in this project was to design and develop a new interface for the Android version, the infarce should provide to the users the posibility to share their emotional state when listening a song, and also see how other users felt when the listened the same song.

The final result allows to select from a list of 9 music evoked emotions (GEMS) the current emotion felt by the user, and also to choose between their Facebook friends in the same group and see their emotions while they listened the same song in the past, both options are implemented using the CoFeel library.



Several interfaces were designed in paper in order to analyze and identify problems and technical challenges.


A very primitive implementation of the design was coded, with new features in GroupFun like the Drag & Drop, cover flow gallery, CoFeel implementation, the slidebar, etc.


I redesigned the interface from the scratch using the new features implemented in the prototype, I also improved the visual content: colors, lines, controls and background,etc. The final result has a more aesthetic, cleaner and smarter appearance.


The final interface is working in any Android 2.3 device and above, you can see it in the next video.


During the third study, we asked the users to rate and comment the interface, thanks to the survey and observation results, we have detected several things to be improved: the music controls are the biggest failure in the design, they are not suitable to be used in a mobile phone, the emotions list is not intuitive, finding emotions is difficult since you only see 3 at the same time doing the searching of new ones dificult to lay users.


We develop new ideas fixing the problems, for example the creation of a fragment interface where you could "slide" the whole main panel and showing a lateral menu displaying the 9 emotions at the same time in a column, other solution propoused by one user was to use gestures to select the emotion.