MyWork was born as a medium to show my working methods and its results. It took me several weeks to reach the final web since I wanted to achieve the most innovative design but always taking care of the information structure, keeping it easy to identify with common portofolios. So what you are watching is another HCI project, small, but still a project.


Paper prototyping

The design started with some hand made designs brainstorming, some of them were withdrawn from the beginning, others were evaluated paying attention to the information clarity.

Photoshop prototyping

The final paper prototype was moved to Photoshop, where it is easier to play with characteristic like margins, indentations, colors, etc, giving a more realistic image of the whole webpage.

Final result

The webpage was coded using HTML5+CSS3 and jQuery for the images' lightbox and gallery, I hope you like it!
The next step is the "responsive design", that way it will be more suitable for smartphones and tablets.